I have been taking
yoga with Serene White for 2-1/2 years.  It is a gentle form of yoga that anyone can do. I am
more relaxed,
less stressed and bothered by life's annoyances and have developed
a different understanding and appreciation of my body.  Thanks, Serene!  Toni Stephenson

Nourished Self: A Yoga & Meditation Retreat

October 21 6:00pm – October 23 3:00 pm

The word retreat, literally means “withdrawal”.  A yoga retreat is a unique opportunity for a departure from your normal routine and busy life so that you can experience utter tranquility, ultimate self care, and rejuvenation. In this weekend retreat, Serene will guide you through restorative, therapeutic yoga sessions to help you release and unwind the internal tensions, clear your mental state, and settle into ever deepening levels of relaxation. Contemplations, meditation periods, and guided relaxations allow you to take the physical aspects of yoga practice to the next level for total Mind-Body renewal and nourishment.  In between yoga sessions , there will be ample time for you to take personal R & R, nature walks, quiet reflection, connect with others over tea, or even kayak on the river. By the end of the weekend you will be ready to go back into your life; refreshed, rejuvenated, and calm.

Retreat Setting

We will retreat together surrounded by the beauty of Nature at The Well Being Conference Center, located in Tazewell, Tennessee. The property is nestled in a remote setting in the Cumberland Mountains on the Powell River on 158 acres of private land. The Center provides the perfect venue for spending time in the tranquility of nature and returning to stillness. The Center provides organic, gluten free meals with vegetarian options. The entire facility is designed to promote a technology-free experience in nature so that you can steep in stillness and experience inner harmony. For pictures and information, visit the Well Being Conference Center

Retreat Registration

Registration for this event includes two steps: 1) register for the program with Serene White and
2) book your accommodations with the Well Being Conference Center.

For more Information and Program Registration

Contact Serene, sereneyoga@comcast.net or (865) 789-9731

Early Registration (by September 15) $295 | Regular Registration (after September 15) $375

Accommodations and Meals

Reserve your accommodations directly with the Well Being Conference Center, which offers dwellings with prices ranging from $160 - $280 per person for 2 nights. Camping is also available at $125. All lodging options include home-cooked all organic, gluten free meals. The housing reservation form and payment should be mailed by September 29. More information and reservation form is available on the Well Being Conference Center website, or contact Patty at (423) 626-9000 or email patty@WellBeingCC.org.