Serene Yoga and Healing, Yoga and Holistic Health Coaching in Oak Ridge Tennessee


“Core opening, body and spirit, it is amazingly peaceful. This yoga is deep and gentle”


“Serene’s practice suits her name, the practice is deep and restful." Lori Galbriath


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Serene Yoga and Healing
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Serene Yoga and Healing, Oak Ridge TN

Serene Yoga and Healing offers a fundamentally different approach to the physical practice of yoga. We are a small, personalized yoga studio locally owned and operated in Oak Ridge, TN. Group programs, workshops, and weekly sessions are smaller in size for an individualized approach to body care and wellness. Serene White is the owner of Serene Yoga and Healing and has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1999.


Serene Yoga and Healing specializes in Contemplative Practice Yoga, which is primarily based in "core opening" or "core release", which facilitates profound and sustainable changes in the body. With regular practice, core release can help end the pain cycle, promote healing, and bring about transformation on all levels. This approach is gentle, supportive, and provides therapeutic and restorative benefits.

Yoga Therapy

Serene Yoga and Healing offers yoga therapy to deepen spinal release and speed healing. Yoga therapy is based on the principles of core muscle release and assists healing on all levels. Yoga therapy is offered either in private or semi-private (2-3 partipants) only.

Private Yoga Programs

For those who prefer one-on-one attention or assistance, Serene Yoga and Healing offers customized private yoga coaching/programs. These are scheduled at your convenience, at the yoga studio or at your home (for an additional fee).