"Serene is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had! I won’t use anyone else!""
Lisa F.



I'm still feeling the bliss from the treatment you gave me. I feel in touch with my body (in a good, not critical way). Thank you.
Ginger R.

Serene Massage

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Serene Massage specializes in traditional forms of therapeutic massage, as well as Ayurvedic massage treatments. Ayurveda is an ancient system for natural health care. Ayurvedic massage restores balance and harmony to your body by rejuvenating the body’s tissues through the application of herb-infused oils and specialized massage techniques.

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Wellness Massage

A 60-minute, full body massage treatment for relaxation, stress relief, and supporting the body’s natural healing process. This treatment is a well rounded massage that includes various techniques such as effleurage and deep tissue to provide the ultimate in overall body care in just one session. 1 hour: $75

Abhyanga/“Bliss Massage”

This Ayurvedic treatment is a Serene Massage signature massage. Warm, herbal-infused oils (specific to your constitution or season) are massaged into your body using long, steady strokes. The effect is a reduction in dryness in your body and improved circulation & lymphatic flow, helping to dislodge impurities from your tissues. This massage is powerfully grounding, calming, and centering, leaving you in a profound state of tranquility. Abhyanga is known for its ability to reduce the effects of aging and stress. 1-1/2 hour: $125 / 2 hours: $145

Karna Purna

Warm, organic oil is applied to the ear to delicately moisturize the small bones of the ear canal (ossicles). This treatment helps to remove impurities, and is deeply calming to the nervous system. Particularly beneficial for those with tinnitus, TMJ pain, sleep disorders, and headaches. Also includes head, neck, and shoulder massage. 50 minutes: $65

Shirodhara [new in 2020!]

Warm, herbal oil is gently poured in a consistent stream over the forehead and over the third eye point. This 60 minute treatment is the ultimate for creating a state of relaxation and calming the nervous system. Coming soon

I highly recommend the experience of Abhyanga massage with Serene. I have been dealing with chronic coccyx and sacrum pain for two years and Serene has helped me tremendously with private sessions of Contemplative Yoga for deep relaxation. When she told me about the Abhyanga massage, I thought it might be another great tool in my quest to quiet the pain signals! This two hour massage is nothing short of a miracle for me. It is a soothing, loving, almost spiritual experience that allows my body to completely relax and be pain free. The meditative music and light pressure massage using warm oil is just the perfect combination to calm my central nervous system. Heavenly! Jeanie Gregory