Serene White has been offering massage and practicing and teaching yoga since 1999 in Oak Ridge, TN. Her studies in yoga include over 1,000 hours of study in asana (pose) alignments and personal adjustments, breath work (pranayama), yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, yoga therapy, yoga philosophy and meditation. She teaches and coaches from the depth of study and her own personal practice in yoga and meditation.

Serene offers and enjoys teaching group yoga classes, yet her primary focus and expertise is Yoga Therapy.

Serene studied formally for the first 10 years in the United States with Master Yoga Teacher Institute, and was trained in the style of Svaroopa® Yoga. Later, she received advanced training and mentorship through Contemplative Practice Yoga®, under teacher trainer and founder, Kim Orr. Serene is a certified Contemplative Practice Yoga® therapist and instructor and is one of only five Contemplative Practice Yoga® Therapists in the country.

Serene has also studied with several master teachers, including Maya Tiwari, (Ayurveda Teacher and author), Melanie McGhee, Amy Weintraub (author of Yoga for Depression), Ram Vakkalanka of Akshara Yoga in Canada.

In addition to immersing in yoga teacher training programs in the US, Serene has travelled extensively to India. Through a sincere desire that her teaching convey and embody the essence of yoga, Serene visited India frequently over the course of a decade seeking an even deeper connection with the ancient wisdom found in the teachings of yoga.

Her teaching is compassionate, gentle, and heart centered. Serene brings her love of yoga to each and every class that she teaches, and strives to help each student experience a practice that is deep, meaningful, and effective.