Ayurveda (which means, Life Knowledge) is an ancient system for natural health care.  Ayurvedic spa and wellness services restore balance and harmony by rejuvenating the body’s tissues through the application of herbal infused oils and specialized massage techniques.

Our Ayurvedic Spa Rejuvenation Services-

Abhyanga “Bliss” Massage- This is a Serene Massage signature treatment.  Warm, herbal-infused oils (specific to your constitution or season) are massaged into your body using long, steady strokes.  The effect is a reduction in dryness in the body and improved circulation along with lymphatic flow, helping to dislodge impurities from the tissues.  This massage is powerfully grounding, calming, and centering to the mind;  leaving you in a profound state of tranquility and ease.  Abhyanga is known for its ability to reduce the effects of aging and stress. a 90 minute Abhyanga is $125, the full two hour which includes additional elements including a guided meditation and anointing of the hands, head, and feet is $145.   Karna Purna can be added for an additional $10 to either of these

Marma Point Rejuvenation Therapy-  Marma Point Therapy is similar to Acupuncture but without the needles.  Marma points are specific places on the surface of the skin that correlate with internal organs and energy channels.  Light pressure is applied to these points to promote healing, wellness, and calm throughout the body-mind complex.  This therapy also includes massage and promotes a deep experience of relaxation.  This treatment pairs well with Karna Purna.  75 minute session, $85 add on Karna Purna for $10

Karna Purna-  (50 minutes) Warm, organic oil is applied to the ear to delicately moisturize the small bones of the ear canal.  This treatment helps to remove impurities, and is deeply calming to the nervous system. Particularly beneficial to those with tinnitus, TMJ pain, sleep disorders, and headaches.  Also includes head, neck, and shoulder massage.  $65 or, Karna Purna treatment can  be added to any other massage or spa treatment for $10

Shirodhara-  (60 minutes)  Warm, herbal infused oil is gently poured in a consistent stream over the forehead and over the third eye point.  This treatment is the ultimate for creating a state of relaxation and total calm.  (Coming Soon!)