Yoga Therapy is a gentle therapy unlike yoga therapies which are based in physical therapy. Our therapy is based in the same anatomical principles as a Contemplative Practice Yoga® class. We never push you, exhaust you, or ask you to do anything painful. Private therapy sessions allow you to address specific physical pain or problems in a more effective way than a yoga class.

Each session is tailored to your personal needs. It is not a work out and is an opportunity to discover how yoga can provide pain relief. Our goal is to get you out of pain and teach you how to do this for yourself, so that you are not dependent on a therapist. To this end, each therapeutic protocol includes giving you simple, easy, effective poses to do on your own.

Yoga therapy sessions are most often private one-on-one sessions, or semiprivate (two people). Yoga Therapy may use one of two techniques, or a combination of both in any given session, depending on client needs. The two techniques are:

Yoga Poses in Therapy (Asanas)

You are assisted through a series of gentle, carefully selected poses specific to your needs. These are selected for the most effective releases not only of the deepest tensions, but also with respect to specific pain you may be experiencing or limitations of mobility. Each pose is fully supported, allowing for opening and softening into the pose, rather than forcing or “imposing” the pose upon the body. You remain comfortable and at ease throughout. This is a gentle, tranquil process.

Embodiment Yoga Therapy

Embodiment Yoga therapy appropriate for you if you have a limited range of mobility, are in chronic pain or are experiencing intense pain, or if you need an even more gentle therapy than can be provided by therapy using asana as described above. You rest in a comfortable, relaxed position on your back on a  massage table and are supported with blankets and cushions. The therapy consists of soft, gentle hand pressure on some of your bones which releases the tension in the muscles along your spine in. This is a very gentle but deep release of the muscle tensions which are causing pain or discomfort.

Overlap Healing

For those who wish to move through chronic tension and pain more rapidly, Overlap Healing can help bring the body out of crisis, help ease anxiety, and create profound changes in your physical, mental and emotional state. These sessions occur daily over a period of time, and then occur less frequently and farther between as your healing continues to stabilize. The entire overlap healing process extends over 30-60 days.

Special package pricing is available for Overlap Healing; Contact Serene for more details

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Benefits of Yoga Therapy

  • Releases chronic tension throughout your body
  • Helps relieve stress and stress-related conditions throughout your body
  • Helps to alleviate neck and back pain
  • Helps to balance your immune system
  • Quiets your mind which gives you peace of mind